Pumpkin Race Kit assembly begins with the CHOICE Team!

MBUSD CHOICE Team members are working hard, and having a bit of fun, helping the Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department and Smashing Success prepare for the 26th annual Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race Festival @ The MB Pier, 12p-5p on Sunday, October 23, 2016.  Pumpkin Race Kit assembly has begun!

Kit Assembly- L Kit Assembly- C Kit Assembly- R

Join the Race to Make Autism Work in the South Bay

The 25 year Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race tradition has become an annual fundraiser for the MBUSD CHOICE Booster Club to benefit the MBUSD Special Education Department CHOICE Transition Program.

One day of pure fun for families, friends, and neighbors now helps help create year-round work experience, real-world job training, and employment benefit for students learning to live and work in our community as neurodiverse adults.

Form a team, or join a team, or support a team!  Have the time of your life racing your Pumpkin Racer to help our community’s neurodiverse young adult students succeed in their individual transition goals.

Form your own Pumpkin Race fundraising team now!   Pre-order your Special Edition CHOICE Booster Pumpkin Race Kit which includes fundraiser registration, materials, and online resources and tips for fundraising, making your Pumpkin Racer, and a CHOICE Team Member Stat Card.  Delivery on/abt Sept 1, 2016.

CHOICE Special Edition Pumpkin Race Ki

Special Edition  CHOICE Booster Pumpkin Race Kit

MB Pumpkin Race Kit Contents